Staatliche Realschule, Germany


The Staatliche Realschule Friedberg is the oldest secondary school in the county. It was founded in 1962. The school was given the name Konradin-Realschule in August 1990. The name giver Konradin founded the city of Friedberg and was executed in Nepal as the last of the Staufer dynasty in 1268. The main guidelines for the educational work at the Konradin-Realschule are the educational and developmental goals, which are enshrined in Art. 131 of the Bavarian constitution: “The school should not only impart knowledge and skills, but also build a heart and character”. Apart from a qualified transfer of knowledge, building the student’s heart and character are especially important for us in these times, where a loss of values is often lamented. A lasting provision for the life in our “fast paced society” with its numerous demands includes a sustainable basic knowledge, work techniques and key skills as well as a real identification with accepted virtues and values, which the teachers at the Realschule Friedberg take account of. The current number of students is 863.