Liceo Antonio Canova, Italy


“Antonio Canova” High School in Treviso was founded by the Napoleonic  decreed 25th July 1807 and therefore has celebrated its 2nd centenary in Treviso.

Since 1867 the High school is named after Antonio Canova, the great sculptor from Treviso and since 1922 holds its premises in the existing neo classic style building.

The curricular offers a five year course that can be a choice between either classical studies course or a foreign languages course, where three languages are studied and which can be chosen between English which is compulsory and another two foreign languages which can be chosen between Chinese French Russian Spanish and German.

In the academic year 2014/15 “Antonio Canova” High School was proud of hosting 1357 students divided between 54 classes of which 24 were classical study courses and 30 classes were of foreign language courses.

The school’s official website is: