Contents production

The digital modules are intended for teachers in secondary or upper-secondary schools, in various school subjects (History, Geography, Humanities, Philosophy, etc.). They provide them with up-dated information about the three monotheistic traditions and about religions of Asia. The perspective is the one of academic and scientific study and research.

The IERS project proposes 20 modules:

  • Four modules deal with theoretical tools, with an introduction to the study of religion and analytical tools and methods.
  • Ten modules give a general introduction to some religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism). The approach is the same: how each religious tradition originates? How does it form and develop in a special historical context? The internal diversity is taken into account. There will be space for presenting myths, rites and beliefs, themselves inscribed in history.
  • Six thematic modules concerning the theme of “religious diversity: conflict and coexistence, past and present”. A focus is made on some topics in relation with the national curricula and to other topics of contemporary and intercultural interest.